We develop intelligent chemical formulas for dermatology, agricultural and veterinary fields. For us, preservation of natural resources creating formulas that use recycled raw material is not an innovation. We see sustainability as an obligation; It is a prerequisite of all our projects. This is how we work with resources of human intelligence: proposing projects with concept using the maximum complexity of the detailed science to produce grand effects in Brazilian society. 

We design efficient productive industrial projects guided by the multidisciplinary, futuristic vision and access to industrial technologies practiced in other countries. This exchange of experience has provided us with a critical view on the energy efficiency of industrial projects and the recycling of industrial waste. With the use of single high-tech operations, our projects benefit processes involved in emulsification, aeration, synthesis and mixing products that can be manufactured in Brazil.

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We elaborate practical tests for laboratory and field research in order to support business demands; the registration process; or mimic conditions in which the product will be submitted in Brazil. We manage, execute, evaluate and interpret product performance results, concluding on the real obstacles and facilities that it will face during the process of introducing or promoting it in Brazilian market.

We perform advice on regulatory matters for registration of products and facilities required for commercialization of biotechnology-based, chemical and organic products.

With the main objective of promoting generation businesses in Brazil and simplify legal proceedings, Sympol is also able to hostel register numbers.

We conduct import and export of products through our operating platform certified by ANVISA, MAPA and IBAMA, simplifying the processing of customs clearance and facilitating the entry of products in Brazil.

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We conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of the specific product market. It is through economic and behavioral study of consumption that we seek to understand the external and internal factors that influence sales.

For an even more assertive marketing, we use digital channels and different communication vehicles for every consumer type. We transform the scientific value of product in a more simple language to convey its proposal through a validated alternative for the Brazilian market.