Louis Dreyfus Company - France 

We assisted the registration process and scientific launch marketing of product Macro Stimulus, a fertilizer that enhances the action of other agricultural products through chelating action of free amino acids.

Sagros Agronegócio - Brazil

We assist regulation of the company, products, and scientific marketing product launch.

Agricultura viva - Russia

We worked on registration and and field tests of product Strong Roots, only fertilizer that combines macro and micro nutrients, mycorrhizae and amino acids in an intelligent and sustainable formulation that uses recycled organic matter as excipient.

Linha Plantae - Brazil

Industrial plant development and formulations of Plantae line: first line of fertilizers that exploits nanotechnology to encapsulate micronutrients on a base that has greater adherence to leaf surface and reduces by 30% the waste water in agriculture.

Design Drive - Brazil

Partners in the launch of products exploiting digital marketing as the most effective tool we have to reach customers.

Lobo Pulverizações - Brazil

We have the partnership of influential Lobo Pulverizações to test and validate all our formulas in agriculture, so that they can be considered as part of application technologies.

Nanobiomg - Brazil

We worked on development of PEG Liposome pH-sensitive that carry the molecule of gadodiamide. A revolutionary project in drug biodistribution field. 

Chemtec S.A.E. - Paraguay

Company present in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, and now in Brazil! We assist in the Brazilian branch opening of Chemtec and registered their fertilizers and household cleaning products in Brazil.

Nita-Farm Pharmaceuticals - Russia

We registered their products and promoted the launch market of the largest industry of veterinary medicinal products from Eastern Europe.

CCSMed - Italy

We registered biological fertilizers of Micosat line, the only one that combine mycorrhizas in a solid stable form for soil application. 

Associação Mineira do AVC (AMAVC) - Brazil

We develop healing formulas for prevention and treatment of bedsores in bedridden patients assisted by AMAVC. The healing cream has extracts of Brazilian flora in nanocapsules, which ensures greater permeation and faster healing. 


Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) - Brazil

We conduced experimental design and validation of  industry production of cosmetics in nanoemulsions.

Hospital da Baleia - Brazil

Developed formula for preparation of rectal mucosa pre and after radiotherapy sessions.


Universidade de São Saulo (USP) - Brazil

We designed industrial project containing High Speed Homogenizer as unit operation to reach particle size uniformity for the production of silver nanoparticles.

Michigan State University - EUA

Access to Phd masters from the renowned Michigan State University through projects developed in Brazil after theoretical-pratical basis course of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at the campus of Michigan.

Koreabio - South Korea

We help to regulate innovative products of technological poles in South Korea, like fertilizers and anti Aedes aegypti capsules.

RO Consultoria - Brazil

Experts in market research and product price planning.